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Grow. Eat. Repeat. A Love Letter to Black-Eyed Peas

  • Looking for an engaging book to teach kids to appreciate gardening? This is it! In Grow. Eat. Repeat. A Love Letter to Black-Eyed Peas,Paige, an inquisitive ten-year-old, accompanies her mother into the garden for a day of bonding, learning, and growing food. Her mother shares an engaging story that leads Paige to embrace the wonderment of watching her very own plants thrive. She then explores an important history lesson that connects her to family, her ancestry, and the richness of her culture.

    Packed with kid-friendly facts that cover nutrition, science, and Black history, this charming story celebrates diversity, the multigenerational tradition of growing food, and Mother Earth while artfully highlighting the special bond between a girl, her mother, and their garden. This perfect gift for young readers answers the burning question, “Why should kids love gardening?”

    Woodson masterfully combines whimsical alliteration with exciting information that provides young readers with nourishment of the mind. A multicultural and diverse must-have for every child’s home library, Grow. Eat. Repeat. A Love Letter to Black-Eyed Peas both entertains and inspires a deeper appreciation of the many gifts provided by Mother Earth.

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