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Disclaimer: Complimentary Product Review

I always dreamed of homeschooling but wasn’t ready to make the jump. Then came covid and the universe made the decision for me, so here I am in my second year officially homeschooling 3 school-aged children. One major lesson I learned last year, was that traditional homeschooling wasn’t our thing - we have more of an unschooling vibe. So, I have never invested in any homeschool curriculums.

When l was presented with the opportunity to test Thistles and Biscuits Vietnam Country Unit, I jumped at the opportunity. However, I wasn’t sure what my kiddos would think. I was pleasantly surprised that the unit was comprehensive but not overwhelming. There was a nice mix of activities to keep my 5-, 8- and 10-year-old children engaged.

Of all my children, my 8-year-old daughter was really into the unit. She would repeatedly ask me when we were going to start working on the next section. She especially enjoyed the coloring pages of the flag and lotus (the national flower of Vietnam). I was able to make the coloring activity a teachable moment as the flag coloring page sparked a conversation about the difference between communism and capitalism. My 10-year-old loved listening to the playlist available via QR code. She also enjoyed completing the included map. My 5-year-old son was intrigued by the information about water buffalo... because what’s cooler than learning they are friendly enough to be in the company of children! What we all loved the best was the recipes - especially the Vietnamese Avocado Smoothie! They inspired us to take a field trip to a local Vietnamese Restaurant!

I think this is a great unit study for a new homeschool family or a family that may be intimidated by traditional curriculums. Check out the other Melanated Gold Review Squad Reviews!

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